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What would an interesting mind look like?

It seemed to us that the identity of MIND ought to resemble not just the qualities of an intelligent mind, but the process of thought as well. Sometimes its chatoic, sometimes structured, sometimes deep, often unconventional and outside the norm, but always elegant and intelligible.

Dynamic, consistent, responsive.

Youssef's art is meant to be experienced on a very personal level. His style is consistent, but the spectrum of meaning and emotion varies. The website that houses his artwork had to not only respect its meaning, but also make it easy to browse the sheer volume of content, from artworks to publications, videos to articles.

Client: Youssef Nabil



Concept & Design: Anton Svyatsky


Development: Ivan Yuzhakov

Information-centric and fully responsive.

AES+F is a contemporary art collective comprised of 4 artists. Their recent work has developed at the intersection of photography, video and digital technologies, although it is nurtured by a persistent interest in more traditional media — sculpture especially, but also painting, drawing and architecture. Their new website had to be well suited to present all of their projects in a comprehensive and intelligible way on any device.

Client: AES+F



Concept & Design: Anton Svyatsky


Development: Ivan Yuzhakov & Dmitry Koteroff


Content: AES+F

Traditional, but contemporary. Formal, but dynamic.

We were approached to create an identity for an unrivaled library and collection of Russian imperial artifacts in the United States. As a starting point, we took the imperial coat of arms and the silhouette of an open book. The foundation wanted to be contemporary and its identity had to project that to its patrons.

Client: Foundation of Russian History



Visual Identity & Website Design: Anton Svyatsky


Web Development: Ivan Yuzhakov

Traditional Modernist Identity for a Versatile SoHo Architect

We were challenged to create an identity for an architect who lives and practices in SoHo, New York, since the 1970s. The identity we came up with is rooted in tradition but at the same time screams modernism and passion - much like Mr. Neratoff's architecture.

Client: Alexandr Neratoff